Q How can I submit a new paper?

A There are several common submission problems described below.

  1. First of all, you should log in to the right conference. The conference acronym is always displayed in the upper left corner of the screen, followed by your current role for this conference. The acronym of the conference is IPMC2016, and you are logged in as an author, then you will see IPMC2016 (author) in that corner. It is not unusual that conference organizers put a wrong link to the conference EasyChair page on their conference Web page. If you follow such a link and the conference acronym is not there, you should inform the organizers.
  2. If you follow a submission link from the conference Web site (https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=ipmc2016) and see “Submission for this conference is closed”, the conference does not accept new submissions. If this happens and you believe this is a mistake, you should contact the conference organizers.
  3. If you successfully logged in to your conference but the role displayed is different from author, you should follow the menu tabs <conference acronym> -> Change role. It will show you all the roles you have for this conference. If author is not among these roles, then the conference does not accept new submissions. Again, if this happens you should contact the conference organizers.
  4. Suppose you are logged in as an author of the right conference. To submit a new paper you should click on the menu tab “New Submission”. If there is no such menu tab, then the conference does not accept new submissions.
  5. If you see the “New Submission” tab, click on it and follow the instructions. You will have to fill out information about your submission and possibly upload some files. The submission form and file uploads are configured by the conference chairs.
  6. If you fill out the form correctly (so that EasyChair displays no error messages), pressed the “Submit” button and nothing is happening for a long time, the problem is most likely a broken or a very slow Internet connection. In this case all you can do is to try again.

If the paper is submitted successfully, it will appear on your menu when you are logged in as an author. If you have a single submission for this conference (say with number 27), you will see a menu tab “Submission 27”. If you have more than one submission, you will see the menu tab “My Submissions”.

If nothing else works, you can contact us on ipmc@metallurgy.itb.ac.id, we can always submit on your behalf.


Q Has my paper been accepted?

A We will notify each author whether their paper is accepted for oral presentation session, accepted for poster session or rejected by October 7, 2016. All paper that are accepted for both oral presentation and poster session will be published in paper-style format in the AIP Conference Proceedings. If you have not received any notification by October 8, 2016, please contact ipmc@metallurgy.itb.ac.id